What is PlusPlus?

What we say?

PlusPlus++ allows you to plus, minus, and keep score of all the good things and not so good things your friends say and do on Slack.

What others have said?
  • “It’s a bit like a like button that keeps score”
  • “It’s the easiest way to say something, without saying anything at all”
  • “It’s reacting to something someone put effort into, without putting in any effort at all.”
  • “It reminds me a lot of Karmabot. You know, giving and taking karma points from people.”
  • “Why would you bother when there are reactions?”
  • “It’s the leaderboard of life”

When should I use PlusPlus?

Show you care (a bit)

PlusPlus++ can be used whenever you want to react and show you care about something in a way that doesn’t require too much effort on your behalf.

Example 1: Josh shares a gif from Giphy.

Your colleague @josh shares a funny gif from Giphy on Slack summarising his mood.

Allison gets amusement from this and decides @josh deserve a PlusPlus++ point in recognition so she types @josh++

The PlusPlus bot takes note of this and adds one point to @josh’s PlusPlus++ score. Well done Josh.

Example 2: Josh loses a point for his choice of music.

Later on that day, Rick Astley starts playing on the office playlist.

Frustrated by this, Maya asks “who added Rick Astley to the playlist?”

Brian chimes in and informs Maya that it was Josh. He then decides Josh deserves to lose a point for this so he types @josh--.

The PlusPlus++ bot takes note of thie and @josh loses a point. Ouch @josh.

Example 3: Josh wants to check the score.

Josh is now concerned for his PlusPlus++ wellbeing. He wants to ensure that he is still beating @rachel who received a big bump in points that day for bringing cookies to the office. He types @plusplus leaderboard.

The PlusPlus++ bot responds and shows the top five leaders in the various PlusPlus++ categories. Sorry Josh, Rachael has taken the lead.


How to Install PlusPlus++?

Click the “add to slack” button on the home page or below.

Select which Slack team you want to install PlusPlus on

Select which channel you want to send our welcome message

Go to Slack and start ++ and -- stuff.

Add to Slack
How to PlusPlus++ a User?

@slackusername++ adds a point to that user’s PlusPlus++ score

@slackusername-- deducts a point from that user’s PlusPlus++ score




Tip 1: In PlusPlus++ we follow rules. You must use the @ symbol in front of the user’s name.

How to PlusPlus++ a thing?

In PlusPlus++ you’re not limited to plussing and minussing Slack users, you can plus and minus anything.


@friedchicken++ awards a point to friend chicken

@donaldtrump-- minuses a point from Donald Trump

How to check the Leaderboard?

There are two leaderboards in PlusPlus++, the leaderboard for your team and a public leaderboard that shows the different things that are trending upwards or downwards across the PlusPlus++ network.


@plusplus leaderboard shows your teams leaderboard separating between users and things.

@plusplus trending shows an aggregate of the good things and not so good things (non users) that are either trending upwards or downwards across the entire PlusPlus++ network.

How to check an individual or a thing’s score?

You can call on PlusPlus++ to check up on an individual users or an individual thing’s score at any time.


@username == shows current score of user

@anythingelse == (eg @DonaldTrump== or @FriedChicken==) shows current score of whatever you typed in your team and in the public network.

How to Add PlusPlus++ into other Slack channels?

Add PlusPlus as you would a regular Slack friend with one of the following three methods.

  • @mention “@plusplus” in the channel and follow Slack’s prompts.
  • Click the dropdown on the channel name and use the invite option to add @PlusPlus, or
  • Use the slash command in the channel as follows: /invite @plusplus.
How do I reset our PlusPlus++ score?

You can call on PlusPlus++ via a Direct Message to reset your team’s score at any time.


Reset leaderboard (Please note that this command must be sent by a PlusPlus++ Admin as a direct message to the PlusPlus++ bot).

How can I add someone to our PlusPlus++ team?

You don’t need to! Everyone who is already on or joins your Slack team can automatically be plussed and minused.

How can we remove someone / something from our plusplus team?

This is something that we’re working on but unfortunately for now, people and things cant be removed. However, if it’s really, really important send us an email at and we’ll see what we can do.

How do I remove / disable PlusPlus?

Um, why would you want to do that?

However, if you must, visit the Slack Integrations page, find PlusPlus++ listed under “connected integrations”, click on this, then in the top right corner you’ll have the option to “remove all”. Do that.

Note: you must have the correct authority level to be able to add/remove bots from your slack team. If you can’t you’ll need to contact your Slack team admin.

How private is this?

We don’t store or access any messages except those specifically targeted at the bot through our list of commands. When using the bot, people and things that have been awarded points are publicly displayed on team leaderboards and on our "Trending on PlusPlus" page.

For more detailed information, please see our privacy policy.

How do I make my team’s leaderboard and sharable actions private?

While PlusPlus++ is meant for bragging, it might not be proper for your team. Those who installed PlusPlus++ bot can turn off your team’s public leaderboard and share actions by DM’ing @plusplus with the command turn privacy mode on.

You can make your team public again by DM’ing @plusplus turn privacy mode off.

How do I disable the “Weekly Honors” post?

Those who installed the PlusPlus++ bot and Slack Team Admins can turn off the “Weekly Honors” post by writing the command @plusplus cancel weekly honors in any channel.


Why can’t I install PlusPlus++?

There are two main reasons why you might not be able to install PlusPlus++.

You may have reached your integration limit - The free version of Slack only allows a certain number of bots to be installed. If you try to install PlusPlus++ when you have reached your quota, you will receive an error message from Slack telling you that you have reached your limit. At this point you can simply go to the integrations page in Slack, click on a bot that you don’t use too often and “disable” it to make space for PlusPlus++.

You may not have the admin rights to add bots in your team - Some teams will enable a setting that will only allow Slack team admins to install bots on the team. If this is the case for your team, when you try to install PlusPlus++, Slack will notify you that you do not have the correct authority. At this point you should ask your team admin to install PlusPlus++. You can find your team admin in the Account Page in Slack.

Why is it not picking up my ++’s and --’s?

There are four main reasons why PlusPlus++ mightn’t be responding to your ++ and --’s in Slack.

Not using the @ symbol. PlusPlus++ will only register @users and @things when there is an @ symbol in front of them. For example “pizza++” will not be recorded. Only @pizza++ will be recorded.

PlusPlus++ bot is not “installed” in the channel you are in. Click here to see how to add PlusPlus to your channel.

PlusPlus++ will not work in private chats. PlusPlus++ will only work in Slack Channels, not private direct messages.

PlusPlus++ may have been removed from your team. Try reinstalling it here.

If you’re unsure who installed PlusPlus++ on your Slack team, visit the integrations, click on “PlusPlus++ bot” and you’ll find the gem who installed us listed at the bottom of the bot details.

Why is PlusPlus++ not working in all of our various Slack channels?

Click here to see how to add PlusPlus to your channel.

Why Plus and Minus Stuff?

Because it’s easier than talking.

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